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Jackson Designz is honored to be entering 2 years of business. We've spent all year trying to come up with the sale of the year and here we are. Whether you are 6 months in business or 5 years in, if your store front of the company is not structured right; you will always be in the same spot. We are now going to work with 8 (yes you read correct,  8) individuals to get their business on the right path. Covered under this deal will be the following:


                            • Evaluate and Develop Your Business Idea

                          • Legal Structure for Your Business

                          • Prepare Organizational Paperwork

                       • Web & Social Media Presence

                          • 30min One on One Consultation Blocked Out


We will personally put together a game plan for your business and this will include a web site presence for your business. We will design and/or redesign your current web presence to enhance your business for your clients on the user-end. We are here to ensure all clients have a better platform for their business on all ends. However, you have to ensure your spot now to get the $80.28 deal.


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Sale $80.28

Please note: Your card will be charged right away. To ensure this price of $80.28 you will have to prepay to be one of the eight individuals to get the pricing. If you are not one of the 8, we will not charge the card and will advise you of so.


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We wll be 2 Years Old - Wish Us Happy Birthday